Eco Living Story

It all started when we,  Dan and Rose Barros ,started talking about our future. A greener lifestyle, a greener Aruba became our goal, our dream. Taking a deeper look into Aruba's nature we realized there were not that many bees. That's when things became clear. Dan  became a true bee whisperer and started building our own beehives specialized for Aruba's climate and Rose dug deeper into how to make our lifestyle more sustainable on this small dessert Island. It started with products coming from our garden like jars filled with delicious pickles, to making beeswax wraps using our own beeswax.


Over the years Eco Living Aruba  grew slowly but surely from a dream into reality.  From  growing all natural sponges to creating our own line of natural products. Always with the promise of using as many natural and local sources as possible that will benefit Aruba's nature being our number one mission. Besides living up to our own goals we also love to share our knowledge by building up a like minded community on Aruba. Keep reading to find out more about our individual passions or go direct to the shop to support both yourself as Eco Living to truly make Aruba a little greener!

Dan has a lot of passion for the Aruban Bees.

Eco Living Bees

Dan realized soon that beekeeping on Aruba has its challenges: extreme heat, lack of water, wax moth are  among a few. With a lot of dedication and patience Dan  realized that specialized bee stands became a  necessity. Over the years Dan has created hives proven to be beneficial for Aruba. 

In 2019 we, Eco Living Aruba, started our own Bee a Foster program. Families on Aruba can participate in Aruba's nature without any financial costs by fostering a beehive. Are you interested in having a beehive on your property but don't know how to do it or have the time to take care of the bees?  Contact us direct for more info on our Foster program.

Eco Living Products
‚ÄčWhile Dan puts most his time in working with nature, Rose dedicates her time in creating local, natural products that not just benefit them but the whole community of Aruba. This is an ongoing journey in learning what Aruba's nature has to provide and trying the endless possibilities of creating our own line of products. Go to the store the see her latest creations such as:  All Natural Soaps and shampoo bars, solid lotion bars and balms for different purposes. Like a Bug Balm, Hand Balm, After sun Balm and many more. 

Rose doing what she loves: creating local, natural products